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They put their trust in us:

Ellen W., Provident Travel

Our experience with Bordeaux Excellence, specifically Joelle, was fantastic. Our guide for the first day, Lucille, was so unbelievably knowledgeable and a great driver too. Our tours and wine tastings were so very special and she added even more beyond the tours. We enjoyed her company so much we had her join us for lunch:) She made sure that we got all the pictures that we wanted and went out of her way to get us to wherever we wanted to go. John felt like a kid at Disney World! I would tell anyone that is interested in Bordeaux wine to book a day with Lucille.

Then the next day, Julie was delightful too. Walked around the city and then she also took us on the tram and showed us how it all worked. Took us to La Cite du Vin where we had a fabulous lunch. She then came back and made sure we were comfortable with touring the wine museum. She left us and offered to come back when we were done to make sure we got back to our hotel. How sweet. We sent her on her way because she had been so helpful, we felt very comfortable using the tram to get back. Even used the tram to go to dinner that night! How nice that we had a 24 hour pass.

Anyone who goes to Bordeaux for a couple days needs to use this group. Joelle worked very hard to make sure we weren’t duplicating wine tours that might happen once we got on our riverboat cruise. We had 3 wine tours that day and they were all fabulous. She even called when our flight was delayed coming into Bordeaux (as well as our luggage), to ensure that we were ok!


Diane Z., SBC Global

Thank you so much for your professional and attentive care! Our tour of Bordeaux with Veronique was stunning. Bordeaux is now one of our new favorite places which I am sure we will experience again. Veronique was the very best "shepherd" and a cornicopoa of knowledge! She understood our pace and interests completely. Veronique, together with our driver, gave us the pleasure of seeing all that is important in Bordeaux! Our dinner the night before at Bouchons Bordelais was exactly what we were looking for and a great taste of the local atmosphere. Much success and good life to you in the future and thank you again.


Judi S., Luxury Travel Consultant

I wanted you to know how thrilled they were with both tours you provided. Each one was a very special experience and they loved that I found you... Drivers, guides, dining, extra-ordinary....On a scale of 1-10 your tours were 24 !!!! I would love to do business with you again and hope to find the kind of clientele that can afford your very special tours. Your company made me a hero !!!!!


Libby G., Wine Tour

I wanted to send a note to say thank you for the wonderful tour at angelus and petit village last week with lucille, she was GREAT. She was so knowledgeable, so fun, and so interested in us and she even introduced us to the only other Australian in St Emilion!

Don L., Shore Excursions 

Thank you so much.

The trip was incredible, especially the lunch. They somehow managed to surprise me even though I should have known. The tour guides were fantastic and I think were really well suited for the day they had. I had high expectations and they were exceeded. I'm passing along all your info to our travel agent as well. It was really an incredible time and I'm hoping we have a chance to come back and see some more.


Sophie W., Quintessentially

Bordeaux was amazing. The team on the ground was incredible! We had an amazing guide and an excellent driver. The program was outstanding and I look forward to visiting Bordeaux again.


Janet M., Provident Travel Corp.

I just heard from Mr. Williams – they had an AMAZING time in Bordeaux – loved the wine, scenery, hotels, guides and experiences!  Thank you for all of your assistance in making this a trip to remember!


Foy R., Journey to&Fro

I want to thank you so much again for all of your assistance.

You all were amazing! I certainly hope to come back with another group in the future.


Nathan C., Stellar Travel

Good Evening,

The clients had an amazing trip.  JP was in Heaven!

Thanks again for all your help setting up the arrangements.

Thanks again,


Sophie W., Quintessentially Travel Group

The overall feedback is very positive and that they all had the best time.

  • Best corporate trip they have done
  • Their guests absolutely loved their experience
  • Food excellent
  • The guide was a fantastic guide, and they all loved her and felt she made the trip!
  • Most people’s highlights were Chateau de Siran – loved the lunch on the terrace

Overall she said, she has got great confidence in booking with you, as she trusts the whole experience will go smoothly – I want to also thank you so much for all your hard work and ensuring all the groups had the best time.


Ginger M., Travelong of Summit, Inc.

I just spoke with the clients and they could not say enough good things about you, your company, and their guide. I am sincerely grateful – she is a former travel agent and thus pretty discerning and I am delighted that she was so pleased. This was the first time I worked with you but anticipate having the opportunity again!


John R., Cruise Manager, AmaWaterways

Thanks for organising the cruise this week it was excellent. The guides and bus drivers were all professional and received many great commets. The cruise was a success !


Carey K., Maritz- Honda Program Operation

I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for your partnership and friendship in making a very successful and enjoyable program for our Honda guests.  The VIPs and guests had a wonderful time in the beautiful wine regions because of your hard work pre-program ensuring the program was set up for success!  Madeleine & Joelle, you ladies are the dream team!! I know this program was especially challenging with the three destinations.  Thank you so much for keeping the millions of details straight (and keeping everything straight for me) and following up with me when you needed answers on things and being patient with me and answering my crazy questions and accommodating my even crazier requests.  Also, thank you for making great recommendations to elevate the program!  Madeleine and Joelle, I trust you completely and I can’t thank you enough for always keeping the guest experience in mind!  I knew I never had to really worry, which was such a relief for me.

Ladies, I can’t imagine having done a program like this without you!  I wish I knew a phrase that was even better than “thank you” because that’s what you all deserve!  Please know that I’m your biggest fans and am happy to sing your praises for any Maritz group headed your way!

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for a successful program!!

Carey - Meeting Event Manager - Maritz Travel  


Chris S., Maritz- Nissan Program Operation

I almost don’t know how to adequately say thank you for the huge roll you played in the enormous success of the Nissan Passport to Adventure program. Obviously, there clearly was no “communication gap”!! You were all over every detail and it showed. All of the hard work and dedication you and Emilie put in pre-program was revealed in the execution. As if that weren’t enough, you added Brigitte to that mix on site just to ensure that all would operate smoothly. We have a very happy client right now who has been getting rave reviews from both his management and the dealers that traveled on this program. Bordeaux Excellence was certainly instrumental in creating memorable experiences for our program guests and that is what we are all striving to achieve.

The part that ended up being such a wonderful surprise was that in the end, you created memorable experiences for this meeting planner as well. Now I realize it really isn’t “all about me” but I also think it says a lot when you can pleasantly surprise a seasoned veteran such as myself. Thank you for going the extra mile to find me the “children’s choir” I so badly wanted. I think by Neal’s e-mail you can see how well it went over. Thank you for humoring me with the flower arrangements I wanted for that evening as well. Jill took tons of pictures for me of the room and the décor and I wanted to let you know so you didn’t think I made this request and then wasn’t even there to see the fruits of your labor. I did see it and I can tell you without hesitation that the flowers that evening were my favorite of the entire program. You fulfilled the vision I had for the evening and, dear Walter, knowing how upset I was that I was missing the evening, called me while the choir was singing and held up the phone so I could hear them. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that even over the phone, it made me cry long distance in Paris.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I very much appreciated everything you did to make this program a success and for being patient with me in the process. I have told Amy Marxer about your fabulous performance as well. I/We loved your Bordeaux and thank you for sharing it with us. I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Thanks so much to you and your staff. Please thank all the ladies and gentlemen drivers that I didn’t mention as I know this was a team effort on your end as well as ours.

Neal Z., Choir Performance for Nissan Group


Dear Mrs. Charriez Clerc,

On behalf of all the Nissan guests attending the special performance of the choir at Chateau Smith Haut Laffitte, thank you very much. The performance was very special to us and will be remembered by all for a very long time. I received so many compliments about the amazing talent and poise these young singers displayed.

I’ve attached one of the pictures taken of group. If you can share this with the choir along with our sincere appreciation for their performance and the memories it created I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for leading the choir and providing a safe, cultural and meaningful environment for the children.


Smartflyer NY, Virtuoso agent

I’ve just spoken to the Cardwells now that they are back in the States after their honeymoon... They absolutely loved everything about the trip you planned and could not stop raving about it!  Thank you so much for making their honeymoon so special!  They said their guides, Annick and Caroline were fantastic and very warm & personable.  They especially appreciated the drivers meeting them right outside their train coach.  The entire honeymoon was flawless and exceeded their expectations!  I think they are recommending this trip to everyone they speak with now. J

I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!  I truly appreciate everything you did to make their honeymoon memorable!