Sea & Mother Nature
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Experience exceptional Mother Nature and preserved sea

A change of scenery guaranteed

You wouldn’t expect such a change of scenery when you come to Southwestern France - a lagoon that changes colors, the Landes “Amazon” river, a surf capital or a whitewater outing in the Basque country.

  • Delightful areas, eco-friendly tourism and exceptional landscapes are all symbols of the Arcachon Basin located just 31 miles south of Bordeaux. Shaped by fishing and oyster farming, the Arcachon Basin has kept its authenticity following the wind and the tides – Île aux Oiseaux (bird island), its huts on stilts and the highest sand dune in Europe.
  • The Leyre, a secret and wild river that flows between the woodlands, connects the Gascony forest and the sea. Here you’ll see a wide variety of dragonflies and birds, enjoy the mix of sea and plant smells, and guess the kinds of fish at the end of your paddle. Here there are so many natural habitats worthy of exotic and distant countries such as the Landes’ little “Amazon” river that runs gently through the 568 acre nature reserve surrounded by lush plant life.
  • When anyone has trouble choosing between two beaches, one of them is always Biarritz. The place where surfing first became popular in Europe, this sport has made Biarritz the surf capital of Europe. With hot seawater baths, mud and seaweed wraps, invigorating showers, and seawater steam baths, Biarritz holds its own among other seawater thalassotherapy resorts - just one more reason to visit this amazing city which has long been known as the “queen of beaches and the beach of kings”!
  • The absolutely wild and pristine nature of the Basque country’s Nive River is an untouched gem protected from man and his activities. You’ll go back in time during this journey and contemplate exquisite natural landscapes. Swim in crystal-clear water, take a few easy jumps if you like, but first and foremost, you’ll make headway in a protected part of the river.

Let yourself be tempted by this unrivaled natural beauty