Zen summer special by the water.

Preparing your body and spirit to work under the best conditions

With a magical backdrop, unobstructed view, and a relaxing atmosphere, the Arcachon Basin will enchant you with its changing colors, exquisite landscape, and its nature reserve.

You’ll begin your day with a meditative walk to the top of the dune. The incredible panorama will be the perfect place for a yoga class with your instructor. Yoga means ‘unity’ between mind, body and spirit. A certain number of guidelines should be followed both before and after a class.

Make your way progressively and naturally from the state of concentration created during the yoga session back towards "normal life" to make the benefits of the practice last as long as possible.

An authentic pinasse boat awaits you at the end of your session to take you out with the tide and discover the Basin from the water. You’ll see all the landmark spots of this little inland sea - the Arguin sandbank, banc du Chien (dog sandbank), l’île aux Oiseaux (bird island), cabins on stilts… the basin’s soul... a world that man has never been able to master. You’ll land on a beach a few feet from a symbolic spot in the basin where you’ll have lunch, time has come to a complete stop… At the tip of the Cape in the shade facing the dune, you’ll taste Bernadette’s mussels and a Turbot fish prepared right before your eyes by François, no frills and no fuss, just good food…