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Your very own wine

What wine connoisseur hasn’t dreamt at least once of creating their very own wine

The idea is simple and brilliant – let knowledgeable connoisseurs make their own wine just like a pro.

Let’s share your passion for wine, your desire to learn and your will to live a genuine experience in one of the world’s most famous wineries.

Completely immerse yourself in the exceptional experience of making a vintage wine throughout the entire process, as part of a close collaboration with experts from Chateau Lynch-Bages, and express your personality by creating a unique wine in your own image. Enter the singular and secret world of making a great wine from Bordeaux’s most sought-after appellations, and fully experience your passion amid the vineyards of Pauillac.

Learn the secrets of winemaking during a unique adventure filled with intense moments of sharing and creating. We invite you to make your own upscale micro-vintage wine. Guided by VINIV experts, you define your wine’s style, choose the origin of the grapes from our portfolio of winegrowing plots and participate in the key stages of making it. From harvesting to blending by way of the wine-making process and designing your own label, you’ll create your own personal product. Throughout the process, you’re invited to actively take part in the important decisions on which the creation of your wine is based. Surrounded by technical managers and wine consultants, you decide how much you’ll be involved in the process.