Team building, Incentives

The Secret of Wine

Unlock the secrets of blending

Much more than just a day with activities that are admittedly rich yet spread out and diverse, we’d like to tell you a Story, a narrative thread: "The Secret of Wine".

This story should be a binding element, a coherent link between all the activities and themes of this day (places, entertainment, encounters) combining fun, interaction, learning ... and awe.

This narrative enlists the participants and immerses them in the very essence of the world of wine on a more personal level. But above all, it brings them closer together with a common goal – getting through and solving the different stages of the story to find out the end.

The teams must also do the following:

  • Go back in time by way of the Chateaux/vineyards stage
  • Find/get the “drops of God” (bottles) during the stages to round them up and reveal the secret of wine …

The Secret of Wine includes blending 12 bottles in one large container.

This deed – done at the end by all the teams together- has great symbolic value:

  • The wine from our grapevines is built on the blending of our memories, our experiences, our know-how and being able to listen to what the world around us thinks.
  • The strength of Bordeaux’s wines also lies in the blending of grape varieties.

Thus blending is an act of transformation, development and progress.

The secret of wine lies in this symbol.