Sea & Mother Nature

The real Arcachon Basin with the locals

When fiction become reality

Come aboard a fishing boat or a sailboat. Have a cocktail with an oyster-farmer. Enjoy a delicious dinner on the outdoor terrace of a private villa with the Arcachon Basin and the Pyla Dune as a backdrop. Do these scenes remind you of a movie?

As regional experts, we’ll help you discover the Arcachon Basin just as you dreamed it. And even more so! You’ll experience a private side of the Basin with us, one only known by Bordeaux locals. We maintain special relationships with the artisans who give this place its unique reputation and who only have one desire – to share their passion for this place with you. With family or friends, you’ll taste authentic, top-quality products. Have you ever heard of bonsaï oysters or Gironde caviar? There are so many exceptional products that we’ll have you try.

If you’d like to learn about the daily life of an oyster-farmer, no problem! Climb aboard a “plate” boat (plate means flat in English) and meet him in his oyster beds to get a better grasp of his work! Then it’s back to his hut where he’ll show you how to open oysters that you’ll taste with a glass of white wine, unless he invites you to share the secret recipe of oysters tartare.

We also give you access to some of the most confidential places. From the most laid-back and hip restaurant to renting a dreamy villa with a private chef, your feet in the water in the famous 108 acre area reserved for the happy few.