Sea & Mother Nature

The magic of the estuary

Are you in search of fresh air and great outdoors?

Come explore the Gironde Estuary - wilderness that crosses the vineyards of Medoc, marshlands and sweeping landscapes…discover unspoilt nature by bike, on foot or aboard a boat, spend time with local fishermen, experience a moment of absolute relaxation with Mother Nature and the sea.

See strange buildings perched up high on long legs like herons - called carrelets - they’re used by fishermen and their friends. Take advantage of this spot to fish for mullet, an eel (these are the 2 fish that are caught the most, found everywhere in the estuary), or a sea bass and for those who are lucky, a sea lamprey, sole or a whitefish.

Visit the islands by boat: Patiras, its lighthouse, sanctuary, deck chairs with a picnic or lunch on site; l’île Margaux and its wine growing estate - storerooms, vineyards, and wine tastings; l'île Nouvelle, its setting, bird paradise, and its old village; L'île Verte, a bird and plant sanctuary, with plants such as estuary angelica; and the most strategic one - l'île Pâté has a Fort with the same name, which with the Citadelle de Blaye and Fort-Médoc, comprises what’s called the Verrou Vauban (verrou means bolt or barrier in English), and is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Forming a barrier on the river, it protected Bordeaux from attacks.

A gentle form of transportation, a bike is a great way to discover the landscapes bordering the Estuary, and stop wherever you like to admire the carrelets, marshes, birds, etc. The view is vast and all you have to do to fully take in the diversity is completely turn around once.