Team building, Incentives

Scavenger Hunt in Saint Emilion

World Heritage site as a playground

The village of Saint-Emilion, a veritable outdoor museum lost in a sea of grapevines, listed as a World Heritage site since 1999, will be your playground for a few hours.

Explore the village’s narrow, secret passageways to accomplish your mission as a team during this “gourmet” scavenger hunt.

Armed with a map and a road book, you’ll easily find your bearings and head to the various test points thus collecting clues that lead to this famous Treasure of Saint-Emilion.

A path dotted with questions and challenging, athletic tasks: throwing a grapevine stock, a blindfolded hunt inside the medieval cloister or a timed climb up the Tour du Roy to take in the breathtaking view of the town and its famous chateaux.

Each team will also be entrusted with the task of protecting Saint Emilion’s nectar throughout the hunt.

Monuments and relics from the great Romanesque era can be seen all along Saint Emilion’s narrow streets, defying the passage of time. The village’s main monuments, such as the unique monolithic church, will be revealed and explained to you by your guides during the scavenger hunt.

This activity combines the right ingredients after a day of meetings – team spirit, sense of humor, imagination and thinking. If you find the right dosage, you can taste Saint Emilion’s treasure to your heart’s content.