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Music amidst the vineyards

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your wishes and we’ll make them come true

Comfortably seated, a glass of wine in hand, you’re enjoying this balmy summer evening listening to a classical music concerto in the gardens of a Grand Cru Classé wine estate. You’re not dreaming – it’s a concert party amidst the vineyards to which you’re invited.

Throughout the year, the most prestigious Bordeaux chateaux host several festivals with internationally renowned artists. Whether you prefer classical music or jazz, we’ll help you find a musical performance that appeals to you - Estivales de musique en Médoc, Grandes Heures de Saint Emilion, the Jazz Festival in Bordeaux, Saint Emilion or Marciac.

If there are no concerts scheduled during your stay, that’s not a problem for us! While you’re in Bordeaux, either for business or pleasure, our contacts will be at your disposal to help organize the concert you desire in the chateau of your choice. Together we’ll create a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests.

Imagine yourself with family and friends sharing an exquisite meal together with some of the best wines, in the private parlors of an estate while listening to a classical music quartet providing your evening’s entertainment. Or how about a garden party at a chateau to the rhythm of gypsy jazz music as part of trip to thank your colleagues and employees?