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In the Heart of the Basque Country

Higher, further, stronger together

Every factor has to be consistent with the seminar’s theme – a privatized inn inside one of France’s most beautiful villages, on the town square facing a Basque mountain.

For the first evening, the group will meet in a 16th century farm like one big family for a friendly cocktail and tapas party worthy of the best Basque haute cuisine.

The following day, a plenary session in a house listed as a historical monument with frescos that recount the life of smugglers. At the end of the day, you’ll have to face the mountain’s first foothills to get back to the village and try local sports - Basque pelota and soka tira (tug of war) before tasting the specialties of a Michelin star restaurant.

Wake up early to head to the river where instructors will be waiting to give you a briefing before rafting down the Nive River. Take advantage of the break to recuperate and warm up because the water is quite cold. The first ones ready will head to the mountain for an orienteering course that will lead them to the finale. Now you’ll cross the rope bridge and via ferrata (railroad tracks) before returning to the magical lunch spot poolside.

Head back to Bordeaux with the satisfaction of having surpassed new limits – the ‘force basque’ has fulfilled its goals.