Wine & Chateaux

Glimpse of the 1855 Stars

Make your dream a reality

Get a glimpse of the 1855 classification wine stars in one day.

Discover the prestigious chateaux over and over again along the Gironde Estuary and in the Medoc region with an extraordinary view - gardens reminiscent of Le Nôtre, hunting lodges, a carrelet hut riverside.

You never would’ve imagined such a sea of grapevines dotted with architecturally impressive chateaux – a feudal castle in Saint Julien, an ionic peristyle at Margaux, an Asian-style pagoda at Saint Estèphe. A helicopter will drop you off at one of the chateaux for a vertical wine tasting (second cru) and how about an exclusive dinner at the château with the owner. We depend on our network of privileged partners to carefully select winemaking estates and plan a unique experience where meeting, French “art de vivre” and pleasure blend harmoniously.

When we talk about magic, this often means surprises and of course, that means good surprises. Today magic will undoubtedly be the key word after tasting great vintages and an aerial tour that makes this experience unforgettable.