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From La Rochelle

Exclusive tour of The Remy Martin House’s finest Cognacs

Push open the doors of the Remy Martin House where one of the world’s most finest cognacs is made.

Come ashore and take a trip where you’ll learn about the heritage and know-how of one of the world’s most famous Cognac Houses - Remy Martin. Founded in 1724 by a young and ambitious local man, Remy Martin, the House named after him has been specialized in making high-end Cognacs for five generations, made from an exclusive blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne brandies, both from the Cognac region.

You’ll be treated like a VIP guest in this historic house where the closely guarded secrets that have made Remy Martin the world’s benchmark for cognac quality are kept.

Begin your experience with a private tour of the old cellars, followed by an explanation of the distillation process, and then possibly a tour of the "Salle des Références" (Reference Room in English), a treasure trove of the house’s collective history from past to present.

Then depending on your tastes, try different quality grades of cognacs (Cognac Louis XIII, Centaure de Diamant, X.O. quality, V.S.O.P. quality, etc.) served with dishes which best express the flavors and finesse of Remy Martin Cognac. Give in to temptation and enjoy an exclusive gourmet lunch as a guest of the House Chef at the Remy Martin Private Club table.