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Dordogne riverside

The doors of the most beautiful places will open up for you

Perigord is a land rich in history because it is the cradle of humanity with several prehistoric sites listed as Unesco world heritage sites. Men settled along the riverbanks of Southwestern France and in particular the Dordogne River. A significant amount of time has passed since, but the Dordogne river has always remained at the center of these lives. During the Middle Ages, breathtaking castles were built right along the cliffs to protect the people during various wars. Gardens were planted to embellish the castle’s grounds which now provide sumptuous views over the entire valley.

Bordeaux Excellence suggests that you visit this magnificent region by canoe, hot-air balloon or by bike – from the famous caves of Lascaux or the Font de Gaume cave all the way to the Castles of Beynac or Castelnaud along the Dordogne River, we’ll guide you on a discovery of priceless heritage and history.

Whether it’s a lantern-lit evening at the Eyrignac mansion or dinner in a lovely manor house with the owner, we’ll take you on a journey in which you’ll discover the treasures of this land of a thousand and one castles.

If you’re a group and interested in prehistoric art, put our expertise to use – we’ll privatize the world’s most famous cave for a private tour.

The doors of the most beautiful places will open up for you. Come see the Southwest of France in a totally different light!