An Anniversary Beyond Compare

A special moment for your clients and teams

Celebrating a corporate anniversary is a chance to share a special moment that should be festive and unforgettable, important in the life of your business, for your customers, and your employees. It can be the perfect opportunity to re-tell the story of a brand, reinforce an idea, an image or a message.

We’re lucky to have exceptional venues in Bordeaux and the surrounding area where it’s possible to organize unique, unconventional and unprecedented events – prestigious winemaking chateaux, a modern art museum, off the wall places, mansions, historic castles, or a writer’s villa.

Bordeaux Excellence will be an attentive, complicit and responsive partner guiding you, advising you, and giving you access to venues in the area that have a reputation for being inaccessible.

Our creativity, praised by major international operators and demanding renowned brands, guides us in finding just the right balance for you in our search for a confidential and unexpected venue, a house with character and inventing a decor that will amaze your guests.

Here a few examples - an evening at the Opera with a private cocktail party in your box; a deluxe catamaran excursion in Cap Ferret; Champagne at the top of the Pyla Dune; a Michelin-star dinner with Grand Cru classé vintages from the year of your birthday or anniversary; an enthronement ceremony inside a famous Bordeaux wine society.