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Business Travel: Corporate events

When beauty meets praticality for a perfect event

An event is significant in the life of a business. It’s short-lived but it should be memorable.

Whether you’re in search of a WOW factor or mere pragmatism, creating events is our passion; let’s accomplish your plans together today!

Bordeaux Excellence is known for its creative taste, its keen sense of conviviality and attention to detail. Following a thorough inventory of your wishes, Bordeaux Excellence will propose a suitable program to galvanize your events with brio or discreetly, showcase your brand’s identity and image, invent beyond your imagination.

Our region has hidden treasures which are also favorable backdrops for creating:

Bordeaux’s most prestigious wine chateaux can compete with legendary sites to charm your guests:

  • The steep lanes of a medieval village and its sublime monuments provide a majestic setting;
  • The UNESCO listed museums and sites will let you experience French ‘art de vivre’ once again amid surroundings that are both illustrious and mysterious;
  • An island on the river between land and estuary will lead you along Jefferson’s path;
  • The magical universe of the Arcachon Basin and the sea will enchant you with its ideal setting.

Bordeaux also hosts renowned sporting events such as the 2015 Solitaire du Figaro, 2016 Euro, the 2018 Ryder Cup(*) perfectly adapted for inviting your clients or rewarding your colleagues/employees.