Haute Cuisine

Land of the Black Diamond

In the middle of Perigord, Truffles are highly sought after and that’s what makes them so fascinating

Truffles have been exported far beyond the region’s borders for a very long time. The famous tuber melanosporum (the formal name of the star of mushrooms) can be found on the tables of the greatest restaurants in France and abroad. And yet there’s nothing better than discovering it right in the place where it’s harvested.

Go searching for the “Black Diamond” in the company of a chef who works for the most prestigious Bordeaux chateaux. She’ll be your guide and she’ll reveal all the secrets of truffles at the traditional markets in Lalbenque and Martelou Limogne to find the famous “ingredient” for your culinary experience the following day.

As they’re never easy to find, some experts say that truffles are “unpredictable” while others say “mysterious” – how it grows is not an exact science. To encourage its growth, healthy soil and hot summers with intermittent thunderstorms are required. Rainwater is a must for growing “black gold”. From theory to practical application, the truffle-harvester will explain how a truffle field is created, maintained, its size, and the flora during a visit to a truffle field guided by a dog. He’ll demonstrate how to look for truffles with the dog.

After spending an evening in Bordeaux, the following day you’ll cook a fabulous dinner with your chef. You’ll make a menu that’s 100% truffles in his showcase kitchen – from the appetizer to the dessert that you’ll taste in the kitchen with a Medoc Grand Cru wine.