Culture & Heritage

Bordeaux and the Age of Enlightenment

Bordeaux doesn’t easily give itself away, one must be willing to explore it

We invite you to take a journey to the past with a stroll amid the largest 18th century ensemble of architecture in Europe after Saint Petersburg.

You’ll then meet a cultivated woman, both a reporter and musicologist, whose passion is the fantastic 18th century.

You’ll go with her behind the scenes inside the Bordeaux Opera house. Its neoclassical staircase inspired Charles Garnier for the one in Paris. She’ll take you back to the heart of this century and lead you from Heaven to the Opera’s costume and painters’ workshop where “little hands” use their talents to dress the actors for upcoming shows. This tour will finish at the end of a secret passageway where cellos and violins play; you’ll be one of the privileged few to walk on the Opera’s “terrasse des muses” and enjoy this unique view of Bordeaux from the rooftop of the Grand Théâtre.

You’ll enjoy lunch “between courtyard and garden” in a dreamy setting at the boutique Hotel Labottière where you’ll appreciate the 18th century “art de vivre” just like in Marie Antoinette’s day. Lunch will be prepared by a lady chef whose recipes are worthy of the Age of Enlightenment.