Team building, Incentives

Arcachon Seaspray

Experience a day of surf and turf

Imagine yourself behind the wheel of an unusual vehicle such as a VW van, Mehari or even an English taxi. With your roadbook as your sole companion, you’ll leave the historic district of  Bordeaux on your own and head to Arcachon where either a short cultural or fun-filled contest awaits you.

Freedom and a happy-go-lucky feeling guide you along your route.

Upon arriving in the Basin, change in transportation – climb aboard a Beacher, an elegant and powerful wooden boat, and take off on a wild race across the water with your skipper at the helm and with the help of a few technical tools to guide you (maps, a chart plotter and a compass).

No, you haven’t changed continents - sand dunes to climb and sandbars where you’re almost completely alone - escape and a complete change of scenery just outside Bordeaux.

The dream can’t go on forever; you have to comply with the time allotted and choose a route to find a magical spot for lunch.

Observation and cooperation among the participants will be a determining factor for answering the questions and don’t forget the precious help of the skipper and locals to solve the numerous riddles.

Tasting local specialties could also be a highlight during your rally such as oyster tartar savored in a chic setting at the water’s edge.

For lunch, you can choose between a relaxed bourgeois landmark in Cap Ferret or the trendy and breathtaking backdrop of a restaurant designed by Philippe Starck overlooking the basin; one thing is sure, you won’t regret sharing our little corner of paradise!

Depending on your priorities, you could continue the rally after lunch, try your hand at water sports (jet ski) or up in the air (paragliding) or head directly back to Bordeaux to continue your meetings.